Talking Therapy/Motivational Conversation

Since founding Håkans friskvård 17 years ago, I’ve provided physical therapy services for thousands of individuals and organizations. I’ve also practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture since 2010, after graduating from a three-year program that included talking therapy. To further increase my ability to help people improve their mental health, I’m currently studying psychology at college while operating my clinic, and aim to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology within the next few years. Through talking therapy and/or motivational conversation, I hope to help my clients find the mental strength they need to reach their goals.

The aim of the talking therapy and/or motivational conversation I provide is to help give you the mental strength to live the life you want to lead. You don’t need to be depressed, burned out, or have another mental health condition to sign up for talking therapy sessions with me. Instead, I invite you to use my help to create an even better foundation for achieving your goals in sports or your career, or to achieve personal success in other areas of life.

You’re also welcome to book a chat session of 30-60 minutes with me, if you prefer. Since I have a clear professional understanding of the types of issues I can help you with, I also collaborate with psychologists specializing in different fields, whom I can recommend contact with if needed.

Would you like to know more about my talking therapy services? Feel free to send me a text message and I’ll happily call you back and answer your questions personally. You can feel free to speak openly with me, since I guarantee full confidentiality.