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Like most Internet users, we prefer to avoid spam and other types of unsolicited e-mail. Naturally, we assume that our visitors and clients feel the same way and therefore want to show them due consideration in this respect. This means that, in instances where you as our visitor or client provide us with personal data, we will not share this information with unauthorized parties. 

International Holistic Healthcare acts as the data controller in connection with the processing of personal data on this website.


How Your Personal Data Are Processed
Personal data (names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses) that are provided through contact forms are saved for the purpose for which you completed the form, i.e. so that we can contact you in accordance with your request. On the grounds of legitimate interest, in certain instances, we will send out information to you in keeping with the request you have made.

We process personal data in accordance with current legislation, which means that data are not saved for longer than necessary and that we clear personal information on an annual basis according to its purpose.

International Holistic Healthcare will store your personal data for as long as you remain our client. Certain information may be retained for a longer time, where this is required as a result of other legal obligations, such as those stipulated in Sweden’s Accounting Act.

We handle all personal data with respect, a high level of security, and confidentiality. Consequently, we will not give away, sell, exchange, or in any other way misuse your e-mail address or other data that you provide to us.


When you choose to continue using our website, you consent to the use of cookies. You can choose to turn off cookies in your web browser’s settings.

A cookie is a computer file saved in your web browser that makes it possible to identify your computer across different websites and visits. Cookies are used on almost all websites.

By law, all websites within the EU that use cookies must inform their users of the fact in a document such as this. We use cookies to improve user experience on our website. We do not save any personal data via cookies.

You can remove cookies that have been saved on your computer whenever you like, Read more about each browser, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox.


International Holistic Healthcare makes use of services provided by third parties that also use cookies:

Google Analytics
This service, provided by Google, collects anonymous statistics on website traffic. It uses cookies to identify a computer in connection with multiple visits by its user to an Internet site. All the collected data are stored on Google’s servers. Learn more about how Google processes collected data.

If you do not wish to have data about your visits to our website collected by Google Analytics, you can install this plug-in on your computer.

No personal data are collected or processed directly by us, and we do not have access to the personal data processed by third parties in accordance with the above.


Your Rights concerning Your Personal Data

You have the right and the opportunity to exercise a measure of control over the information we store about you.

At any time, you may request that the data that we keep about you be erased, or that their use be limited, by contacting us. International Holistic Healthcare will rectify inaccurate information of our own initiative and at the request of our clients.

If you consider that your rights in this regard are not being respected by International Holistic Healthcare, you may contact us or the Swedish Data Protection Authority.

You may choose to decline to receive promotional material from us at any time by contacting us. If you would like to opt out of receiving all forms of communication from International Holistic Healthcare, you are welcome to contact us for assistance.


You can contact International Holistic Healthcare in the following ways:

Phone: +46 (0)707-38 58 92


International Holistic Healthcare
Odinsgatan 6 
SE-411 03 Gothenburg


This policy is effective as of May 23, 2018