All prices shown include VAT.

  1. Deeply penetrating therapeutic massage prior to chiropractic treatment. First visits/new conditions require at least two treatment sessions, 40-60 minutes each, SEK 1,600 total. (Does not apply to long-term pain/rehab, which may require more sessions.)
  2. Deeply penetrating therapeutic massage. 40-60 minutes, SEK 800
  3. TCM acupuncture. Series of 10 treatments over 7 weeks, 40-60 minutes/session, SEK 9,000 (or 8 treatments over 5 weeks, SEK 7,200)
  4. Holistic therapy. Series of 10 treatments over 7 weeks, SEK 9,000 (or 8 treatments over 5 weeks, SEK 7,200)
  5. Talking therapy/motivational conversation. Three personalized sessions, 40-60 minutes/session, SEK 2,400 or 3 chat sessions.
  6. Personal training
  • Kickboxing and/or boxing, 2 hours, SEK 1,600/session
  • Gym workout/home-based training (fitness), incl. two physiological treatments & motivational conversation to help motivate you to get in shape, SEK 3,000

 Personalized yoga asana (hatha yoga) training program, SEK 5,000; follow-up sessions, SEK 4,000.

Step 1: Three combination treatments, including muscle testing + yoga program design, and a 40-60 minute practical demonstration of your yoga program SEK 5,000.

Steps 2-5: Two combination treatments + yoga program design and demo SEK 3,500


 Lectures/educational programs/seminars. By arrangement.

 For practical reasons, we kindly ask our clients to pay for their chosen service prior to their first visit, since this will insure that everyone is clear about what has been agreed on and the investment you have chosen to make in your health/training. 

Follow-up visits are recommended for chiropractic treatments and talking therapy sessions to insure you get the best possible results.

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