Customized personal training

Boxing and/or Kickboxing

No matter whether you’re at a beginner’s or advanced level, I can help you develop your boxing and kickboxing skills. My personal approach to teaching martial arts includes technical, physical, and mental aspects. It will also give you inspiration and help you enjoy your training. Each training session lasts two hours to make sure you get the maximum benefit. My background in martial arts at the elite level began with karate in 1986 (16 matches, 9 wins). The highlights of my professional karate career include winning both silver with Sweden’s national team and a silver medal in my age group. I then took up boxing in 1989 (34 matches, 21 wins) and went on to win silver at the ABC Open in 1993. During my kickboxing career (77 matches, 49 wins), I won bronze at the 2000 World Championships and gold at the 2003 Swedish Championships. I’ve since worked as a boxing and kickboxing instructor, starting in 1998. I also still actively practice martial arts and have worked as the head instructor at the kickboxing club Ironman Majorna Kickboxning since 2008, where I’ve coached fighters who have competed as part of Sweden’s national team and at the international level, and who have gone on to win gold at the Swedish Championships. I hold a black belt (2nd dan) since 1998, and am also a licensed boxing coach and referee. Would you like to know more about how I can help you improve in martial arts? Feel free to send me a text message or e-mail and I’ll happily contact you and answer your questions personally.

Gym workout/home-based training/fitness

My approach to offering you the best training program is to first book two sessions of deeply penetrating therapeutic massage and chiropractic. Doing so allows me to get acquainted with the state of your muscles and joints and your flexibility before starting your training. Next, we book a session at Nordic Wellness on Odinsgatan 6 in Gothenburg, where I also have my clinic, for a one-hour run-through of your personalized program. During this session, I will use your cell phone to record brief video of you working out and explain each individual exercise. Your training program can include strength training, conditioning, and flexibility exercises and is intended to be used for a set period of time. You also have the option to redesign and upgrade your program after the first month. At that point, one follow-up treatment session will be enough to allow us to successfully redesign your program. I can also design a 12-month personalized training program for you, if you prefer a longer-term approach. My personal training services are suitable for people of all ages and are the perfect option for getting in shape or as a complement to other training. Would you like to know more about my personal training services? Feel free to send me a text message and I’ll happily call you back and answer your questions personally.

Yoga asana (hatha yoga)

The aim of yoga asana (hatha yoga) is to achieve an optimal natural posture; to be able to practice and hold different poses using balance, strength, and breathing.

Yoga asana improves your muscle and joint mobility while also stabilizing your body to help it maintain the different poses. Practicing the many various poses also stimulates, oxygenates, and supports your body’s internal organs, making it best to practice yoga before meals.

Yoga is solely about understanding yourself and your own physical limitations, and not about comparing yourself with another person. Others may be more flexible due to their hypermobile joints, for example, but may instead be in need of greater stability.

Everyone’s needs and abilities are unique.

Practicing yoga asana every day helps you understand your body even better in terms of the physiological limitations that age, injuries, illnesses, and/or other physical training may have caused.

My yoga concept & your personalized program

Personally, I’ve consistently included yoga and meditation in my own training for the past 20 years. Since training to become a yoga teacher in India in 2018, however, I’ve experienced major benefits from starting every day with around 30 minutes’ meditation and yoga.

My personal reason for practicing yoga every morning was that my body needed greater flexibility than before, since regular stretching was no longer enough to make me flexible again after kickboxing and tennis. This insight led me to design a wholly unique and individual yoga concept that can be tailored to suit your own medical history.

My concept involves two combination treatments (40-60 minutes each) that include deeply penetrating therapeutic massage, chiropractic treatment, and muscle testing with a one-week interval in between.

Your personalized yoga program will be ready to use after the third week of treatment and involves 20 minutes of yoga daily for six weeks. After six weeks, we will book a third treatment session to measure your results and see how much stronger and more flexible you’ve become.

Advanced program

For patients who want to continue developing their strength and flexibility after six weeks, there are five levels of development containing different steps that cover the sun salutation, the moon salutation, and other specific exercises, ultimately forming a complete, individual annual yoga program.

Naturally, these five steps must also be optimally updated, adjusted, and refined to suit you as an individual. Still, in principle, there are always five steps to cover before reaching the next level of development.

Of course, it’s also fine simply to choose a six-week program of basic yoga that can be customized in different ways to complement other physical training.

Getting started

We’ll meet at my clinic at Odinsgatan 6, in the same building as Nordic Wellness, already changed into exercise clothes. We’ll then use a private room to practice your individual yoga program together.

Bring your cell phone so I can film you in your different yoga poses. This will let you actively measure your own progress after six weeks.