Holistic Therapy 40 - 60 minutes per session

Depending on your individual needs, your personalized, ten-session holistic therapy series might look something like this: First, 2-3 physical treatments using my unique and effective deeply penetrating therapeutic massage technique (20-40 mins.) prior to any targeted chiropractic adjustments needed, and followed by advice on exercise, strength training exercises, and stretching. The remaining seven treatment sessions might consist of TCM acupuncture, for example. Talking therapy and diet advice are also included in your therapy to help you increase your awareness even further, regain your mental balance, and feel better about yourself.

This therapy involves a combination of techniques for soothing, remedying, and/or preventing all kinds of physical pain, muscle problems, and ill health. You don’t need to have pain, muscle problems, or an illness to book this treatment series, however. It’s enough just to want to understand your own body and mind better.

In my experience, finding the cause of your symptoms takes a little time, and a set of ten therapy sessions (40-60 minutes/session) over around seven weeks is the best approach to a healthier, happier you.

Would you like to know more about holistic therapy? Feel free to send me a text message and I’ll happily call you back and answer your questions personally.