Introduction, Kristina Pannblom

My name is Kristina Pannblom. I’ve been a qualified TCM acupuncturist since 2000 and have 12 years’ training in traditional Eastern medicine, which takes a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing than does its Western counterpart. In addition to basic medical training, I’ve also studied Western medicine at Uppsala University’s Biomedical Centre. My training in Western medicine means I know how to communicate with public healthcare systems, read/analyze patient journals, and situate your case history within the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine to help support, strengthen, and revitalize your body. What’s more, I specialize in advanced and complicated diagnoses; that is, conditions that Western medicine considers to be “incurable”. In my experience, there is always a way to treat your body’s needs and the physical manifestations of ill health. The question is not whether it’s possible to do so, but what approach is natural and sustainable for your particular diagnosis.

I’ve devoted my life to observation, seeking, understanding, and getting in touch with my inner self, and have truly had the best of teachers to help me learn and develop in my journey through life. Among these teachers are my grandmother, whom I spent my youth together with in Greece, and who had the knowledge to heal people using medicinal herbs. Also, the world-famous monk Eusevios Vittis, who served humanity with enormous devotion, love, and enthusiasm. I now carry this invaluable experience with me in my day-to-day life and work, so I know for certain that no case is completely hopeless. What we need to realize is that there is outstanding knowledge to be found in this world, and that something can always be done, no matter how much of a lost cause the situation might seem to be.