Håkan & Kristina

We’ve worked as partners for 17 years and are employed both in Sweden and abroad to provide patients with in-home treatment for set periods, during which time we observe, monitor, and help families regain their health with excellent results, as our clients themselves confirm.

As part of our holistic approach to health, we also conducted a scientific study on the health-promoting properties of green smoothies in 2010, in which 40 people drank one liter per day for a month. The results were clear improvements in their bodies’ pH balance and ability to oxygenate themselves. Since then, we’ve created a Facebook page called Green Smoothies and Juice Generation, where we share our knowledge about mixing healthy, chlorophyll-laden smoothies and fresh juices the right way, together with recipes.

We strongly believe that health and wellbeing include both physical and spiritual dimensions; that is, that what’s good for the soul is good for the body and vice versa. This belief inspired us to carry out a three-week humanitarian project on the Greek island of Lésbos called Together We Can Make a Difference, during which Kristina helped warm refugee children arriving in rubber boats and Håkan documented and drew attention to their plight by posting photo updates on Facebook.

We would be very happy to use our wide range of experience and expertise to help you with your health needs. Feel free to contact us so we can work out a solution that best suits your needs together.