Deeply penetrating therapeutic massage prior to chiropractic treatment, 40-60 minutes per session

This treatment is a highly effective combination therapy that lasts 40-60 minutes per session. In my experience, patients with the most common complaints need just 3-5 sessions to become pain-free (not including cases of long-term pain, muscular diseases, and rehabilitation).

To insure the best result, I always take the time to treat your body’s soft tissue before making any chiropractic adjustments you might need using a unique, deeply penetrating therapeutic massage treatment (20-40 minutes). I also use soft techniques and targeted chiropractic treatments that realign your joints, restoring the healthy function of your joints, muscles, and nervous system.

Our staff always conduct a thorough physical examination and interview with you prior to your treatment to rule out any medical conditions that might directly counteract your treatment, such as slipped disks or injuries. In such cases, I recommend that you make an appointment with the public health service instead.

Also included in your therapy are valuable tips that help you avoid unhealthy working postures that can lead to pain or unnecessary physical wear and tear. When beneficial, I also use muscle tests and/or mobility tests to reveal whether your joint or muscle mobility is restricted. I also personalize and customize my stretching and exercise tips to suit your unique situation.