Wellness Services for Businesses

Having worked as a therapist for 17 years, I’ve built trusting relationships with many different businesses and organizations who use my services as a complement to their employee wellness measures. Your business is also welcome to hire me as a therapist, lecturer, and/or course instructor. I have a wide range of health-related expertise and can offer you unique and effective combination therapies, fast service, and many different inspirational lectures based on real-life experience. My services include soothing, remedying, and/or preventing all kinds of pain, illness, and mental health issues, helping your employees return to work from sick leave, and treating cases of acute lower back pain and joint and muscle complaints. I like to sign service agreements with my business clients to give you the assurances you desire in writing and to insure that you get fast help whenever it’s needed. I don’t impose any restrictions on companies that sign agreements with me when it comes to using other therapists. All I ask is for good communication on your part and that you make your employees aware that I’m available to help them. I’m responsible for informing you if I’m ill or on vacation, and for prioritizing your employees’ treatment in the case of acute lower back pain, for example. In turn, your company provides me with information about which employees and which therapies are covered by our agreement.

Feel free to contact me for more information if you’re interested in any of my services. I would be happy to provide you with references from other business clients and will do my utmost to help keep your staff happy and healthy as your company’s very own wellness therapist.